10 Reasons People Choose Projectors Over a TV

Thinking of getting a projector? Well, I can tell you one thing; you’re on the right path. Projectors have a lot of benefits attached to them. This year alone, the sales of projectors have gone increasingly high as people all around the world are realizing just why they need one in their homes; over the traditional Television set. If you are considering buying one, good on you! Projectors are really affordable and versatile. Here are the top ten reasons you need a projector in your home.

1. They consume less space

Projectors consume less space and this is a fact. If you are living in a place such as an RV, you should be buying your projector right now. They are a particularly great way to ensure that your house is not crowded. Although small houses are so cozy and warm, the disadvantage is that you often have to give up on some things that require large spaces. Previously, one of those things was a big screen but with projectors on the scene, you can enjoy a large screen without having to designate space. Your projector screen can be rolled up and placed somewhere until it needs to be used. Alternatively, you may not even use a screen. They save space and that is a major advantage.

2. They are super affordable

Do you know that projectors are extremely affordable? Well, now you do! For a piece of equipment so versatile, it is awfully affordable. You can get a good projector for less than $100. If you need something better, there are great options available for less than $500. Even with a small budget, you can definitely enjoy the finer things of life when it comes to projectors.

3. Much more portable, lightweight & easy to operate

Projectors are the only options when it comes to portability. If you need a screen that can easily move with you, look no further. Projectors are lightweight. Compared to any other versatile screen, they are incredibly easy to move around with. Without feeling and discomfort. Your projector can sit in your hands as you walk. You can carry it in a bag, in the tiniest of cars, and basically anywhere. They are also very easy to operate. If you go through a projector manual once, you are good to go. They do not have complex controls or complicated operation steps. Even if you know next to nothing about technology, you can become a projector pro with minimal practice.

4. For less the price, you get more the screen

If you love watching your movies on large screens, you should be buying a projector right now. For less than $100, you can get a really good projector that will display your movies on a 120-inch screen. With less than a hundred dollars you have access to all that and more. If you decide to go a bit further and expand your budget, you can even get a better display for less than $500. A TV with a screen measuring 120 inches can cost around $130,000. The price is not even comparable. Get yourself a projector and get it now.

5. Continuous discount from stores

This is totally a reason to get it! This season, Amazon offers the best deals on projectors. At discounted rates, you and get projectors that are already affordable! It doesn’t get much better than this. You can enjoy discounts on great projectors of your choice. If you haven’t started looking, start here. Do not be left out on all the great projector deals coming your way. You’ll thank us once it is time for an upgraded movie night. No experience beats the projector experience. You get to watch your favorite movies on large screens in the comfort of your own house. Picture it: your projector you got at a really cheap price displaying in all its 120-inch glory while you seat swaddled in the coziest of blankets eating microwaved popcorn and hot cocoa while the snow gently falls outside. It is enough to make anyone fall in love.

6. They are easy to install

When we say ‘easy to install’, we mean that even without any professional, you can install your projector. After a read through the manual, you will find that it is very easy to manage. It also needs no extra spending.

7. They are cheap to repair if they develop a fault

If your projector develops a fault, the good news is that you won’t be spending a lot. On a general level, projector faults are not costly to repair and so, your pocket is safe. Your local tech store would probably be able to carry out any repairs and in minimum time too.

8. Movie nights just got better

If you decide to have a movie night with a couple of friends, you’ll really enjoy having a projector. The large screen can suit multiple people at the same time. If you constantly hose these kinds of movie nights, get your projector ASAP.

9. You get to work on those presentations at home

A great advantage of having a projector at home is that if you have any presentations to make, you can do a full rehearsal. Rehearsing a projector presentation without a projector is not as good as you will not be able to factor in the operation of the projector into your plans. However, with a projector, you can rehearse everything from the start to the finish and that’s a bonus.

10. Eye comfort

Projectors reflect light rather than emitting it. This means that all the stress and strain your eyes would come under when watching anything on a monitor or TV are automatically non-existent when using a projector. The need to strain your eyes when using a projector is non-existent and as the images are large, your eyes are actually pampered.


Final Words

A projector is definitely a great choice for you. There are a lot of benefits associated with getting one. Check out our top list picks for the perfect buying guide.


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