2 Amazing Tricks For Saving Water In Your Home

qI remember the first time I bothered to research on this topic. The water bill was high again and I was frustrated. The utility bills generally were high but it was the water I was most concerned about as I had not found any way to change it. However, I was able to stumble upon two tricks that cut my water bill almost in half.


Use Waterless Toilets

I purchased my waterless toilets on a whim. I had never really paid attention to them before and since the opportunity came to purchase one at a discounted price on Amazon I did and that was one of my best decisions.

Let’s quickly speak on what waterless toilets are. Waterless toilets are toilets designed to save water. They are quite different from traditional toilets. They do this by separating liquid waste from solid.  When this is done, the liquid waste is evaporated by a fan. The solid waste, however, is decomposed. Any remaining liquid is deposited into a small gallon. The smell is eliminated through a fan leaving your toilet smelling just fine. The remainder of the urine can be poured out anywhere, and the compost can be supplied to organic stores or used to plant.

I replaced all two toilets in my home with waterless toilets and the result was outstanding. By the next month, my water bill was at the lowest it had ever been. Of course a waterless toilet cost much at first, subsequently, it paid me. For one thing, my water bill went down and for another thing, maintenance was non-existent.

I also produced compost which made me feel proud of myself and my contribution towards the environment.  You should probably get yourself a waterless toilet. With a little knowledge, you can even install it yourself.


Pay Attention To The Little Things

Another important thing I did was pay attention to the little things. I did and here’s what I found.

  • You can save money on the shower: Reduce the height of your shower. Bring it closer to your head. You will get clean faster and save water. You may not think a drop of water count but little drops make an ocean and in this case, they make a giant water bill too.
  • Fix every leak or shut the water off: You may think that that leaking tap may not matter because it’s just drops of water but I have news for you: A single leaking tap can waste up to 15 liters of water in a day. If you have one leaking tap every day, you will end up wasting 5475 liters of water. Fox that leak.
  • Don’t run the water while you brush: It is much better to shut it off. It increases your water bill significantly.
  • Water with a watering can: If you have a garden, chances are you water your plants with a hose. Don’t. Use a watering can instead. It will give your plants the amount of water they need without wasting any.
  • Wait till your laundry is up to a full load: Don’t wash small loads as each load consumes water. Wait till it is a full load and then wash.


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