The Best 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tubs – 2020 Experts Choice

Inflatable hot tubs are becoming much more popular. Few people try to resist the luxury of soaking up in a hot tub that is just the right size and doesn’t take up space. And why should they, anyway? Inflatable hot tubs are becoming increasingly affordable and if there is a time to acquire one, it is now – before the gods of pricing change their minds once again.

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What You Should Know

Contrary to speculations, a 2 person inflatable hot tub is actually affordable to have. A hot tub will make the perfect companion during these long and cold months. Even if your home doesn’t have the built-in facilities for one, inflatable hot tubs got you covered.

It is a perfect bonding opportunity for you and your partner and as a bonus, if you are alone, you get more room. In this list, we will be including some portable inflatable hot tubs which are listed as being suitable for four people. The major reason is that although some of these tubs are listed for 4 people, they are best enjoyed when two people use it as it will give enough resting space.

In this post, we will look at the very best of 2 person inflatable hot tub products available as well as their features, pros, and cons. We’ll include a buying guide as well to help you know exactly what you should look for in 2 person portable hot tubs. Let’s jump right in.

Don’t wanna read all the long stuff? Here’s our #1 choice

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set
2,661 Reviews
Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set
  • The built in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on skin for a soothing experience
  • An insulated cover and lock is included to minimize heat loss and provides an added safety feature
  • PureSpa provides simple maintenance with 2 easy to replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water

The List: Best 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Products Right Now!

  1. Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set **Overall Best Choice
  2. Coleman 77″ x 28″ SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub
  3. Bestway SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub **Cheapest Choice
  4. Goplus Inflatable Hot Tub
  5. ALEKO HTIO2BKW Oval Hot Tub Spa with Drink Tray

1. Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

Although the Intex 77 can seat up to four people, it is best enjoyed with two persons. This is because it offers more space. This inflatable tub is extremely affordable despite its features. It is one of the best inflatable tubs on the market.

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set
2,661 Reviews
Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set
  • The built in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on skin for a soothing experience
  • An insulated cover and lock is included to minimize heat loss and provides an added safety feature
  • PureSpa provides simple maintenance with 2 easy to replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water

More than just a hot tub:

The Intex 77 is more than just an inflatable hot tub. It is upgraded and is one of the best bubble massagers. With this hot tub, you get the relaxing feeling of a hot tub that massages you with bubbles. Intex 77 is one of the best bubble massage spas on the market. If you are looking for something with that extra special feeling, this is for you.


If you think this hot tub is impressive, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Intex 77 has led lights that flash with different colors. This will go perfectly with a soothing and relaxing night bath. It’s a great feature that will make a difference. The little things matter.


The Intex 77 can hold up to 210 gallons of water. The internal diameter of the inflatable hot tub is 58 inches. Its outer diameter is 75 inches. The height of the tub is pinned at 28 inches.

Easy to setup:

This inflatable hot tub goes a step further. When you unbox it, you simply need to plug it into your outlet and it automatically inflates. In addition, inflating it doesn’t take long at all. This is a very important feature. You do not want to have to spend hours trying to set up your tub. Intex knows this and has designed their tub accordingly.

Built-in hard water treatment:

The Intex 77 is not your average hot tub. It has a built-in hard water treatment system. This simply means that despite the source of your water, the hot tub will treat it so that it is gentle on your skin. The benefits of this are numerous. For one thing, you no longer have to worry about your source of water. Another thing is that the gentle water combined with the massage system can soothe body pains and help you relax.

Easy to operate control panel:

The control panel is super for many reasons. Firstly, it is non-complex. With a simple manual read, you are good to go. The controls are non-complex and easy to make use of. Secondly, the panel is within reach. This means that while in the tub, you can make changes to any setting you would like.


This hot tub features bubble massage air jets. A normal air jet will not provide the level of comfort you would get from a bubble massage air jet. It’s a win.

The hot tub heats water from 68 Degrees to 104 Degrees. You can set your tub to heat your water to any temperature in between.  Lastly, it heats up quite fast which is another bonus.

Insulated cover and lock:

An insulated cover is one of the great extra features a hot tub can have. Unlike some hot tubs that simply have a cover, the one you will find on the Intex 77 is not only insulated but has a lock to keep it in place. This can keep your water warm and clean if you need to quickly step out. If you plan on leaving your water in, it’s a great asset to have.

Easy to maintain:

Maintaining this hot tub is a pretty easy job to do. It has two water filter cartridges that are easy to replace. Combined with tub cover, your water will definitely stay fresh.

Person Capacity:

The Intex 77 can seat up to 4 persons. However, if it is used by just two people, you’ll definitely enjoy it much more.

Extra Features:

The makers of this hot tub definitely did not forget to give enough extra features to make it a must-have. It comes with a 3-way test strip to give you confidence about the water.

It has two cartridges, a floating pool chlorine dispenser and a carry bag to help you take your inflatable tub around conveniently. It also has a thermal ground cloth to protect your inflatable hot tub before you lay it on the ground.


The Intex 77 is built to last. It is made of Fiber-Tech Construction. The fibers are knitted together to provide a long-lasting build. In addition, it has a puncture-resistant three-ply laminated material. Combined, these two provide comfort, durability, and support. It is the real deal.


  • It is affordable
  • Has tons of great features


  • We’d like an air jet that has a little more power

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Final Thoughts

The Intex 77 is a great hot tub in and out. When the price and features are considered, it is one of the best tubs on the markets.

2. Coleman 77″ x 28″ SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

The Coleman is a hot tub that can seat up to 4 people comfortably. However, it is not expensive and with little or no addition to your budget, you can get it. To get the best experience, two people would enjoy it better.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, Green & White
1,924 Reviews
Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, Green & White
  • Enjoy the ultimate spa experience: nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a warm, bubbling Jacuzzi after a long, hard day while jets project bubbles to massage your back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Easy to operate: the digital control panel lets you dictate the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure of the jets. A power saving timer can even automate the temperature of the spa up to 72 hours prior to save energy and money.
  • Durable and innovative construction: The spa's durable PVC material and I-beam construction offer superior strength and stability while ensuring your hot tub never loses its shape.

Easy to set up:

Right off the bat, this hot tub makes using it extremely easy to use. Setting it up requires no tools at all. You simply plug it into your outlet, flick the switch, and your inflatable hot tub inflates itself. It is super convenient and easy to use.


Coleman’s Air-Jet releases bubbles that make the experience even more relaxing. It has a maximum temperature of 104 degrees. The temperature is controlled by a timer, however. The air jets are nicely powered to make your experience comfortable.

Timer controlled heating:

This inflatable hot tub makes use of timer-controlled heating. The timer indicates when the heating will start and when it will stop. However, it does not have memory settings and so, each time you switch it off and use it, you will have to reset it.


This Coleman inflatable hot tub can contain 254 gallons of water. When inflated fully, it has a height of 28 inches.


This tub has a reputation for being one of the lightest tubs of its size. It weighs 88 pounds.


When it comes to durability, the Coleman has you covered. It is made of puncture-resistant and UV-resistant Tritech material. That combination alone should hint at how strong it is. The Tritech material helps it retain its shape despite being inflated and deflated several times.

Padded floor for comfort:

Apart from the material used to make it, the tub has a padded floor. The aim is to ensure that despite your relaxation angle, you enjoy as much comfort as possible.

Simple and interactive control panel:

The control panel is one of this tub’s highlights. You can filter the water and control the massage system easily from it. The control panel is interactive which enables you to set your inflatable hot tub how you’d like.


  • Nicely powered air jets
  • Has carrying handles to move about and is very lightweight
  • Water heats fast


  • Timer controlled heating needs to be set each time
  • Consumes more electricity
  • Has a weather limit of 40 degrees Fahrenheit and so it cannot be used at this temperature or lower

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Final Thoughts

While the Coleman is not without faults, it has a nice working system that ensures comfort and durability. It is a great choice and gives value for your money.

3. Bestway SaluSpa Miami AirJet

May sometimes be referred to as one of the Lay-Z-Spa series, the Bestway SaluSpa Miami is one of the best hot tubs we’ll be reviewing on this post. It has tons of great features obviously designed for someone who knows what exactly it is that people need.

Special Features

  • Water filtration system
  • Easy to operate digital control panel
  • Comes with a tub cover
Bestway Hot Tub, Miami (4-person), Black
966 Reviews
Bestway Hot Tub, Miami (4-person), Black
  • Enjoy the ultimate spa experience: receive total relaxation when you slip into this soothing portable hot tub after an exhausting day. 120 bubble jets soak sore muscles for a luxurious treat.
  • Operate from inside the hot tub: The digital control panel lets you change the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and flow of the jets without stepping out of the tub. A power saving timer can even automate the temperature of the spa up to 72 hours in advance.
  • Superior strength and durability: The puncture-resistant tri-tech material and I-beam construction ensures your hot tub never loses its shape and stability even when people sit on the side walls.

Easy to set up and use:

The SaluSpa Miami is very easy to use. It can be set up in record time without any tools needed. The adjoined pump simply needs to be plugged and the tub inflates by itself.

When the tub is fully inflated, you can expect it to hold 177 of water and have a diameter of 71-inches. It has a 26-inches height.

Rapid heating system:

It is designed with a rapid heating system. This means that in a few minutes after plugging in your inflatable hot tub, it is ready for use. You won’t have to spend long minutes waiting and this is a huge benefit.

Control panel:

The control panel included on the SaluSpa is another reason you’ll absolutely enjoy it. The panel is very easy to understand and operate. It is also within your reach which means that while enjoying a soak, you can reach over and make any adjustments without having you step out.

There is an automatic start and stop heating system that is controlled by a timer. It helps save energy as it only heats when it needs to. You can observe and control all that and more from the versatile control panel.

Clean water always:

With this hot tub, you have virtually no need for water filters. This is because it is built-in with a water-filtration system. In short words, your inflatable hot tub will ensure that the water is clean by filtering out any dirt that should not be there. That’s pretty amazing.


Despite how quality SaluSpa Miami is, it doesn’t come with a scary price tag. It is extremely affordable and a great steal when you consider its features.

Person Capacity:

The manufacturers state that the SaluSpa Miami can hold up to 2- 4 persons and it actually can but it is best enjoyed with two persons as there would be lots of room to stay comfortably.


This tub has a maximum heat capacity of 104°F. This means that it can heat your water up to that level. Of course, if you do not want it that hot, you can adjust it from the digital control panel.

The SaluSpa Miami makes use of an Air Jet water jet. You can expect to enjoy a soothing and relaxing sensation as you make use of it. It features a different massage system.

The Air Jet releases bubbles from the bottom of the spa. The result is a warm and bubbling tub. With the heated water, it is very easy to relax.


Durability is extremely important when it comes to inflatable hot tubs and SaluSpa definitely didn’t leave it out. The walls of this tub are made of a drop stitch material. This material is extremely tough and yet has a subtle feel so that while you use it you feel relaxed but yet, it is not easy to tear.

This drop stitch material is supported by interwoven threads numbering in their thousands. It is these threads that allow the tub to stand straight and maintain their shape despite being inflated and deflated from time to time. This design is called the puncture-resistant design.

Special features:

Bestway Saluspa Miami has some extra special features. It is equipped with Freeze Shield Sensors. This is great news for you if you leave your tub filled and live in a cold environment. The Freeze Shield Sensors do not allow the water to freeze despite the temperature.

It also features a ground fault detection system for extra safety and longevity.


  • Great pricing especially when the features are considered
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Very useful extra features
  • Does not consume electricity


  • The air jets are not as powerful as one would have liked
  • If you try to accommodate four persons, it becomes cramped

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Final Thoughts

The SaluSpa is perfect for two persons. It has some downsides but considering the price and other features, it is a really neat buy.

4. Goplus 4 Person Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

The Goplus is another inflatable hot tub that is listed as suitable for 4 people but as you must have noticed, if you want comfort, you will need one listed a bit higher.

Goplus 4-6 Person Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub for Portable Jets Bubble Massage Relaxing with Accessories Set (4-Person, White)
191 Reviews
Goplus 4-6 Person Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub for Portable Jets Bubble Massage Relaxing with Accessories Set (4-Person, White)
  • 【Durable and Smooth Material】- This inflatable hot tub is made of high quality and smooth material. You can both use it indoors and outdoors. It can accommodate 6 persons to enjoy together, a good product for family use.【This product is not for sale in california】
  • 【Filter Cartridges for Easy Maintain】- This portable hot tub can be maintained with the easy-to-replace filter cartridges to clean spa water, which extends the life of the product. It also makes the water more clean and provides a healthy experience for your relaxing.
  • 【Safety Assurance】- It can be heated up to 104℉. The insulated cover, insulated ground cloth and lock are included to minimize heat loss, which also provide the extra safety assurance when you use.

Easy to set up:

Without any extra tools, you can set your Goplus hot tub in mere minutes. You simply plug in the socket, turn it on, and it automatically inflates. It inflates in mere minutes and so, you do not have to wait.


This inflatable hot tub can heat your water up to a maximum of 104℉. It makes use of air jets which produce bubbles aimed at replicating that soothing feeling. It is perfect for a much-needed relaxation period. If you often find yourself stressed especially if your job requires manual labor, you’d love it.

Easy-to-control panel

The control panel on this machine is one of the good points. It is very easy to understand and control. Due to the design, you can control it without even having to leave the tub. While you enjoy a relaxing soak, you can tweak the settings as you wish.

360˚degree bubble design:

This hot tub has a 360˚ bubble design. This simply means that the massage bubbles will be aimed throughout the tub to ensure that each part of your body gets the same soothing treatment.

Easy to maintain:

This inflatable hot tub has filter cartridges to help ensure that the water in the tub remains clean and safe. The cartridges are very easy to remove and replace which is a relief as no one wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to work it.

Hard water treatment:

If you make use of the Goplus hot water tub, you’ll enjoy its hard water treatment feature. The hard water treatment is one that treats all types of water to ensure that it is soft on the skin. It makes the water more conditioned and soft to feel. This means that apart from having your tub clean your water, it also ensures that it is soft enough on you.

Insulated tub cover:

This tub comes with a tub cover. The cover shields the water from any dirt and keeps it covered. It’s a bonus as you can be assured that nothing gets into your water while you’re gone. If you leave your tub outside, it is definitely going to be useful for you.

In addition, the cover is insulated. This means it will definitely help keep heat in.


When it comes to weight, Goplus is pinned at suitable 50 pounds. It can contain up to 210 gallons of water. It has an inner diameter of 55 inches and an outer diameter of 71 inches.

Person capacity:

This inflatable hot tub can contain u to four people but if you want sufficient space, you should get this for you and your partner. A four-person tub is always a better choice.

Lightweight and Mobile:

Weighing a simple 50 pounds, this tub is quite easy to move around. This is not only because of the weight. It is also because of the handles attached to it. The strong handles can be used to move it around.


  • This hot tub is very affordable
  • It is lightweight and mobile
  • Hard water treatment as well as a suitable filtration system


  • Uses up too much electricity
  • Doesn’t heat up as fast

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Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that this inflatable hot tub is a great choice. It isn’t expensive and has a number of great features that make it a great buy.

5. ALEKO HTIO2BKW Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Drink Tray 

The ALEKO HTIO2BKW may be a new product on the market but it is already making waves [pun intended] and has a growing fan base. When you look at the features, it is not hard to figure out why.

The manufactures specify that it is great for pains in the joints or muscles. They also opine that it gives better sleep, releases anxiety and stress. No one will argue with them as we know the wonders hot tubs work.

Special features:

  • Attached drink tray
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Special pool cover
ALEKO HTIO2BKW Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Drink Tray and Cover, 2 Person Portable Hot Tub - 145 Gallon Black and White
33 Reviews
ALEKO HTIO2BKW Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Drink Tray and Cover, 2 Person Portable Hot Tub - 145 Gallon Black and White
  • 2-Person Portable Hot Tub: The oval hot tub has 145-gallon water capacity and holds up to 2 people
  • Spa Tub: Ideal for joint/muscular pain, improved sleep, stress and anxiety relief; also great for parties or personal relaxation
  • Hot Tub: Heats up to a maximum temperature of 108 degrees; Heating time varies depending on the temperature of the water used to fill the tub; heats 1-3 degrees F/h

Easy to set up:

With no extra tools, you can set up and enjoy the ALEKO HTIO2BKW. Once you plug in the socket to the outlet and turn it on, it inflates by itself and you simply have to watch. When this is done, you can fill in your water.

It also inflates in a reasonable time. You will have no need to spend hours waiting, You do not need tools for inflation or deflation of the hot tub.


This inflatable hot tub has an oval shape so as to give as much room as possible. It holds up to 145 gallons of water and when fully inflated, it measures 59 x 32 x 26 inches.

Special pool cover:

It also comes with a fitted cover. This will come in especially handy if you leave your water in the tub. However, that is not all that this pool cover does. The ALEKO HTIO2BKW’s pool cover has a foil underside. The foil underside keeps water warm as it locks it in.

The cover isn’t just placed there randomly. It has locks that will keep it in place. This means that if for any reason you need to step out of your pool, you can quickly cover it up, unplug it, come back and meet it warm.


The ALEKO HTIO2BKW heats up to 108°F which is suitable and similar to other models of the same price. Although it doesn’t heat up as fast as we would like, it is a mere few minutes extra and is totally worth the wait.

Simple control panel:

ALEKO’s control panel is easy to operate. It is also placed strategically so users can reach it but that is not all. It is very easy to operate and understand. From the panel, you can control heating, filtering and so much more.


The tub is made of outer and inner PVC. PVC is as durable as they come and will not let your tub weaken or tear. If you use your tub right, you can enjoy it for time to come.

Person capacity:

The ALEKO HTIO2BKW was built for two people and can only take two people. There is not as much room as we would like but it will comfortably house two people.

High-powered air jet:

The Air Jet on this model is one of its great points. It is high powered and so it releases bubbles that are extremely soothing and comfortable. It gives a level of relaxation not available in many inflatable hot tubs.

Extra features:

This inflatable hot tub has a filter pump attached to it. It also has a filter cartridge cover, a single ground cloth, and a rubber plug. The ground cloth is to be placed on the ground so that the tub can be placed on it.

Features an attached drink tray:

This hot tub has a feature I am particularly fond of. On the outside is a drink tray that is attached to it. I love the placement of the drink tray. It is placed a little bit low so that splashes are not likely to enter into your drink. While you enjoy a long soak, you can easily reach out for your drink. It’s a bonus.


  • It features a high-powered air jet
  • It is very durable
  • Comfortably houses two people
  • It has a special and highly functional pool cover


  • While the price is not extravagant, we would have loved having it a little bit cheaper
  • Doesn’t heat up as fast as we would like

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Final Thoughts

This inflatable hot tub focuses on offering comfort and functionality. It is a great spend.

Each inflatable tub on this list is quality and durable. Each of them has little perks and downsides attached. If you have any questions about, drop them in the comments. We’d get back to you as soon as possible.


Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing a Portable Hot Tub

If you’ve decided to invest in yourself and purchase an inflatable hot tub, there are some considerations you should have in mind. Having these in mind will help you pick the best possible options. To do this, you have to combine practicality with flexibility. Basically, with the right amount of knowledge [which you’ll gain here] and money, you can get the perfect inflatable hot tub for you.

However, the fact is that you may not have enough money to get exactly what you want and this is where practicality and flexibility come in. You’ll have to be practical enough to realize what quality you can get with your budget. Then, if whatever your budget can get isn’t good enough for you, you will have to be flexible enough to expand your budget. Here are some of the main things you should consider.


The price is one of the first things you should consider when it comes to two-person tubs. For less than 400 dollars you can get an excellently performing 2 person inflatable hot tub. Decide on your budget and search for a tub to fit the bill. However, make sure that whatever budget you have fits the features you are looking out for. Although price doesn’t dictate quality, you should be ready to spend a considerable amount if you are looking for a quality inflatable hot tub. Be ready to expand your budget or reduce your requirements.

Temperature Settings

You have to be very cautious when it comes to picking out hot tubs because of the temperature settings. Some hot tubs have temperature restrictions. This means that they advise you against using them in colder weather.

If the weather is extremely cold, the tub may not be able to heat itself continuously and fast enough to keep up with the rate at which the weather will be cooling it. If an inflatable tub has a weather restriction of 40˚ Fahrenheit, it means that if you use the tub when the weather is at that level or lower, the tub will not be hot enough for you.

Apart from temperature restrictions, there are also temperature settings. Some tubs have panels that allow you to handle all temperature settings and even monitor the current temperature.


Some inflatable tubs have seats in them to give each person a place to sit in and relax while the hot water soothes their souls. The seats are cushioned parts where one can sit. If the inflatable tub of your choice has seats you’re in luck as the majority of tubs do not come with seats. Also, keep in mind that even though an inflatable tub has seats it doesn’t mean that it is of high quality. The seat should be a mere bonus and not a deciding feature. If you really want a seat, consider buying a separate one.

Hydro Jets VS Air Jets

Inflatable hot tubs have water jets. These water jets come in two types: hydro and air.

When picking out your inflatable water tub, you have to decide which one you want. The type of jet you choose will determine the sensation you get as they operate differently. Hydro jets are more expensive but are able to be customized so that they can feel the way you want them to.

They come with lots of additional features that allow you to personalize and tweak your inflatable hot tub. On the other hand, air jets are less expensive and much more common. They give a feeling that is much less customizable. It provides enough relaxation, however.

Both jets can be enjoyed, however. It depends on the manufacturer and the product you choose. However, hydro jets are more expensive and luxurious.

Additional Features

As expected, there are little perks that some manufacturers include with their products to make them more attractive.

The aim is to get you to pick their hut tub because of the extra goodies you’ll get. For the most part, these extra goodies are actually very useful. For example, you can be given a carry bag with your purchase. You may not know it is worth until you want to transport your hot tub and need a bag.

Some other things that could be included test strips and filter cartridges to help you keep the water clean.  Test strips check the quality of the water present. It will let you know if you need to filter the water with the filter cartridges. Keep an eye out for good bonuses.


Why People Consider Getting a 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub These Days

If you have not fully decided to get a 2 person portable hot tub, we looked around and uncovered the top reasons people around us considered for opting to own one; see if these reasons tickle your fancy too.

They Take Up No Permanent Space

This is one of the best features of inflatable tubs. If you do not have enough space in your house for a full-time tub, you can invest in this. You can bring it out when you want to use it and deflate when you no longer need it. It is a great way to enjoy luxuries without having to sacrifice space. When you no longer need it, you can deflate it and keep it somewhere else that won’t take half as much space. Inflatable tubs save a lot of space.

Affordable Compared To Its Alternatives

Compared to the alternatives, this is very affordable. If you do not want to purchase an inflatable hot tub, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, you can purchase a normal-sized tub and fit it in. Installing it, finding space, and purchasing it would run into thousands. When this is done, you can soak in a hot bath but only for as long as the water is hot and this is another downside is. If the water turns cold, you can always prepare another hot bath right after. However, everyone knows that that will definitely kill the vibe. Immediately after a hot tub bath, you want to sleep and not have to prepare another bath because the water ran cold after five minutes.

Another alternative is installing a Jacuzzi. Jacuzzis are of course, very expensive. When all these are considered, it is quite obvious than an inflatable tub is the way to go. It is more affordable and comfortable.


A soak in a hot tub is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you have had a tough day and have aching joints or bones, a hot soak does wonders. The heat relieves pains in the muscles and makes your body feel relaxed. It is definitely one of the best ways to unwind after work. After a long day, a soak in a hot tub will do wonders.

A Great Way To Spend Time With Your Partner

Two-person tubs are a great way to bond with a partner. If you and your partner are looking for inexpensive ways to get some alone time in the comfort of your homes, a two-person tub has your name written all over it. You get to spend time together while not engaging in any stressful activities.

You and your partner can pick a day or two in a week to simply relax after work. Get an inflatable hot tub.

A Great Way To Spend Time With Yourself

A two-person tub is fabulous for a person who wants more than enough space. Who says you need a partner to enjoy a two-person tub? You can get one for yourself and enjoy all that space to yourself.

Easy To Setup and Maintain

Two-person tubs are very easy to set up, inflate, and use. They are built to require little to no maintenance. If you do not fancy having to stress on setting up and maintenance, get a simple two-person tub.


You must ensure that whatever inflatable hot tub you are picking is made of materials that will not last after a few uses. It is better to spend on something quality and use it for years than to spend half the amount and have to buy the same item thrice over the next year. Durability is important.

Luckily, you do not have to worry about searching for quality two-person hot tubs. Each tub included on this list is quality and has a promise of durability and quality. All that is left for you to do is pick whichever suits your wants and requirements.

2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much does a two-person tub cost?

A: The prices for two-person hot tubs vary. However, with much less than $400, you can get a good two-person inflatable hot tub.


Q: How do I set up my inflatable two-person hot tub?

A: Setting up an inflatable hot tub is quite easy. All products come with manuals that are either in hardcopy form or in softcopy form available on the websites of the manufacturers. Generally, there are 2 easy steps for setting up these portable hot tubs.

  1. Unpack the item in the box and connect the pump/heater to the deflated tub. Put in the socket to the outlet and switch on. In some cases, it is already connected so you simply need to plug the socket in. When you do this, the tub will inflate by itself.
  2. When it is fully inflated, fill the tub in with water.

Read the manual for any instructions regarding controlling it as no two products are the same.


Q:  Do I change the water every day?

A: If you only bring out your tub when you want to use it and pack it up when you are done, it is clear that you will need to change the water. However, if that is not the case and you have enough space to leave your tub permanently inflated, you may wonder if you need to change after each use. This simply depends on convenience. If you can conveniently change the water, do so. However, if you can’t there is a way around it. You can treat your water from time to time to ensure it remains clean. After a month, you should change the water. Some manufacturers include a water treatment kit in their package. This information will be available in the manual given to you or on the company’s website.


Q:  How long can an inflatable tub be used for?

A: If you purchase a quality and durable inflatable hot tub and use it well, you can use it for 10-20 years.


Q:  What if my tub develops a hole?

A: Most tubs come with repair kits. You can use this to patch any holes. However, if the holes become too much and the tearing becomes too frequent, you may need to change it as it is either a sign that it is too old for use or that you bought a non-durable brand. It could also be a sign that you do not use it carefully enough.


Q:  How much electricity do inflatable hot tubs use?

A: This depends on how frequently they are used as well as the model and size. It also depends on the air temperature and the temperature settings you choose. It also depends on how much you are charged per hour. However, you can expect your bill to be around 24 dollars a month if you use it every day.

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