20 Awesome Hacks For Mothers of Twins

Are you pregnant with twins or did you recently have twins? Congratulations! It probably feels like a madhouse right now but you should know that it is totally normal. Months after having my twins, sleep was a myth and I wondered how it felt to wake up on your own.

Of course, it helps if you have a partner, but if you don’t, it becomes double the stress. However, one thing is certain; with or without a partner, your life will not be easy. To help you out, I have rounded up 20 tips that helped me out when I had my planned and surprise babies. These tips are sure to relieve you and make the job a little less tough.

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1. Pick both babies together

In the long run, you will find that it is much easier to pick both babies up at the same time that to pick one up, drop, return, and pick the other. It is not really as hard as it seems. If you practice for a bit, you’ll get a hang at balancing both babies safely. As they grow older, it becomes much simpler. Pick them up together to save time and to give them one less reason to cry.

2. Invest in a twin-size diaper bag

Do not make the mistake I made of thinking a regular diaper bag would work out, please don’t. it was always stressful carrying everything I needed for my babies and myself. Everyone knows that for a while, the diaper bag caters to both the mommy and the baby and so, it needs to be able to suit you both or in this case, you three! Diaper bags for twins are much better as they are created especially for your comfort and that of your babies. It makes it a lot easier to cater to the needs of your baby without having to stress. With a twin-size diaper bag, there is enough space for enough napkins, diapers, bottles, clothing, and food for both twins. If you pick out one of the top picks for twin-diaper bags, you can get one with a wet pocket for soiled clothes and an insulated pocket to keep food warm. Invest in a diaper bag today.

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3. Feed them together

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, it is advisable to feed your babies together for many reasons. Firstly, it saves time, you won’t have to listen to any of them crying while you feed one, and you won’t mistakenly feed one twice. There are various techniques to help you do so whether through breastfeeding or bottle feeding. With a little Google research and practice, you are good to go!

4. Get them different colored bibs to match feeding bottles

While as a mummy, you’ll be able to master feeding them together in little time, others won’t. It is understandable and you should be pretty relieved that they won’t try. When other people feed your baby for you, there is the possibility that they will feed one of your babies twice which is something you do not want to happen. To avoid this, match bib colors with bottle colors so that it is easy to track who has been fed and who hasn’t. it is a smart way to ensure that your babies get cared for even when you are not there.

5. Buy clothes in bulk

If your twins are your first children, you are likely to have plans to spent thousands of dollars of clothes. You probably have ideas of the different designs and styles and colors. However, here is a fact: twins grow up so fast that they will barely use that onesie that cost a hundred dollars for two months before outgrowing it. Until children grow to a stage where their growth slows a bit, it is not advisable to spend heavily on their clothing. For my twin girls, I bought their clothes in bulk which meant I ended up having plenty of the same designs in different colors. But they were clean and I did not mind. They can have one of two special clothes for outings but other than that, spend less and buy in bulk.

6. Put them back to back in swings

At parks or playgrounds, it is likely that your kids can’t fit into swings by themselves because they are so small. To solve this, place the, back to back in swings. You will save time and you can watch them both easier. They also fit more snugly. Remember to be careful.

7. Take an identical pair of clothing to the weigh-in-clinic

The weigh-in clinic is a nightmare for twin mums. There, your baby has to be undressed so he or she can be measured without clothes to get the actual weight. It is not bad when you have a child but when you have two, it is a nightmare. To combat this, take identical clothing to what you wore on each baby with you. The nurse can measure each baby fully clothed and then measure the separate clothing you brought. When she subtracts the weight of the clothing from the weight of your fully clothed baby, she can get your baby’s exact weight. Do it for each twin,

8. Bath them together

When you bath your babies together, you save a lot of time. You can start this when they grow a little older.

9. Place your mobile number on your kids

Whether you are stepping out into the park or school or even going for a simple visit, place your phone number on your kids. You can use a tag. Anything can happen and it is better to be safe.

10. Accept help

Learn to say yes. People love twins. If they offer to help and you trust them, say yes! You will find things much easier if you accept help.

11. Sync their schedules

If one baby wakes up abruptly to be fed, wake the other and feed them too. If one is awake, wake the other. They are easier to manage when they have similar schedules.

12. Create schedules with your partner

You and your partner should clearly share out the jobs that need to be done. This way, things will go more smoothly. You can bathe the babies while he lays out clothes and prepares their bottles.

13. Weighed down pacifiers

Pacifiers are a great invention except that they hardly ever stay put. It is hard to keep picking them up, cleaning them, and putting them back. To solve this, get weighted pacifiers. Weighted pacifiers have a stuffed toy attached so that they stay on the baby. It is like a teddy holding down the pacifier while resting calmly on your baby’s chest. It is safe and smart.

14. Assign colors

Assign colors to your children. This will help you remember who owns what. It will also help any nannies or daycare helpers as they may not be able to tell them apart. When you assign colors, you take a lot of stress off yourself and whoever deals with them.

15. Use bibs always

Babies are messy and this is a fact. If you do not want to have to do a load of laundry every day, invest heavily in bibs. This way, their clothes stay clean and you only have to wash their bibs. Remember to buy in bulk and according to colors where possible.

16. Carry them together

Invest in a two-way baby backpack or learn how to wear both babies on you as you work. Do a little research on various ways to strap your babies to yourself and wear them on yourself. This way, you can have both of them on you at the same time. In a little time, you will get used to it.

17. Get a double stroller or attach your strollers with a stroller connector

It is much better to get a double stroller when you have twins than two separate ones. However, if you have two separate strollers, you can connect them together using a stroller connector. This way, you can take them out together or separately with ease.

18. Make friends with other twin parents

Making friends with other parents who are going through the same things you are is always a great idea. Your ideas and hacks can help them and theirs can help you. From them, you may be able to learn things that you had not previously known. You’ll also have people to go with on playdates and if they are old hands at it, you can learn from their mistakes.

19. Have toys and distractions everywhere

Keep toys, books, snacks, pacifiers, and everything that can distract them in various places in your car. Make sure to have two of everything. Twins can be funny and want the exact same toy. Offering them another is usually a great way to calm them. The best way to do this is to take the toy from whoever has it, produce another one and hand one to each at the same time. That way, you can calm them down together.

20. Relax; you’re doing a great job

You will come in contact with a lot of parent-shamers who will point out what you are doing wrong. They will look so put together and relaxed. Remember that you do not know what goes on in their houses. Be satisfied with the fact that you are doing the best that you can. Take a moment to pause and enjoy the madness. They will be all grown before you know it and believe it or not, you will miss the days when they were tiny.

Happy parenting!

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