5 Things You Need To Know Before You Get Your Braces Out

Unless you have had to use braces for years, you can never really understand how it feels to get them taken out. Unlike most people, I had my braces put in when I was a teenager in high school and not in middle school. It didn’t make it any easier. I was awfully shy and embarrassed. However, I was old enough to know that I needed them. When it was finally time to have them taken out, I was extremely happy.

Finally, I would be free from their grasps and I would finally be able to smile in pictures or anywhere, for that matter. However, it wasn’t so straightforward. There were things I had no idea would happen. Neither my orthodontist nor my friends gave me any sort of warning. However, you will not have to experience anything new as I intend to list out everything you should know and expect.

Know These 5 Things Before Getting Your Braces Out


It won’t hurt

Getting my braces placed in hurt. The pain was quite normal and I had been forewarned as my teeth were in really bad shape. I knew what could happen and I was prepared for the pain. However, getting my braces out was quite the opposite. The procedure didn’t take nearly as long as getting them in and I experience no pain at all. If everything is right with your teeth, you will not experience any pain when taking them out. This was a fear of mine and I could not exactly trust the orthodontist as I had been told that getting them in wouldn’t hurt and they did.

However, I was able to get them out without any pain at all. If you worry about any pain you might experience, out your mind at rest. Getting your braces out will not hurt. The process is simple; the orthodontist will use a pair of pliers to work on each individual brace. My braces came off in one piece. Yours may not come off in a piece and they would need to be brought out in pieces, do not worry. It is perfectly normal. If you have bands on each tooth, the pliers will be used to take them out. There were some cracking sounds as they were removed and I felt some pressure but there was no pain.


It will be different

After my braces were taken out, the orthodontist scraped off all the remaining glue on my teeth. Again, this was another painless procedure that I found rather soothing. It was over soon and the glue was all gone. Mine was much quicker because I had little glue on my teeth. If your teeth have a substantial amount, expect the process to last about 5 minutes. When the whole process was over, I was free to go. My mouth felt awfully weird. It felt like it was not mine. I assume it was because I was so used to braces.

You should see the process and then the difference when Emma Louise’s decided to give braces a halt (video below):

Okay, you can read further now…

You’ll need to be extremely careful with your retainers

At first, I thought that after my braces would be taken out, I’d be free. However, that was not to be the case. I had to wear retainers. Depending on how your teeth are, the time you will need to wear the retainers will vary. I had to wear mine to bed and ensure that I did not take them off. The reason you need retainers is to help your teeth maintain their shape. Do not neglect them as they are very important.


You could need to wear braces again

A mistake a lot of people make is thinking that they will never need braces again. However, this is far from the truth. There are a lot of things you can do that will end up with you having to wear braces again. Here are some things you should avoid:

  • Excess candy: Go easy on the candy. Eating excess candy will slowly destroy your teeth and you will have much more to deal with than poorly shaped teeth. Moderate how much candy you eat. Immediately after candy, if you can’t brush your teeth, rinse your mouth out.
  • Poor dental habits: Brush and floss as often as you should. Rinse out your mouth after food as well. If you are going on a night trip, pepper your own dental kit. Your kit should contain a good toothbrush, standard toothpaste, and dental floss. Prepare multiple kits and place them in your bags, car, and carry-on bags. Hotel toothbrushes often aren’t standard enough to care for your teeth. It is essential to have a dental travel kit.
  • Poor retainer habits: If you do not wear your retainer as often as you should, your teeth will slowly go slip into their former shape. Doing that will rubbish all the hard work your braces have done other the years. Take care to ensure that you use it as you should.


You will need to take excellent care of your mouth

Taking excellent care of your mouth involves more than just brushing. When you take excellent care of your mouth, you watch what you eat as well. Of course, you will need to brush before bed and immediately you wake up, that is not all you need to do. The orthodontist will be sure to give you some rules to follow after your braces are taken out. You must make sure that you adhere to each and every one of them in order to protect your teeth.


You will need to visit the orthodontist once in a while

Unfortunately, that is not the last you will e seeing of your orthodontist. You will need to pay routine visits to him. While those visits may seem cumbersome, you must take them seriously. That way, you will be able to track the progress of your teeth. If anything needs correcting, your orthodontist will notice it in time and will be able to address it as it should be addressed.

Taking out your braces is definitely easier than putting it in is. You have to make sure to take care of your teeth and yourself. Contact your orthodontist if anything comes up. Best of luck!

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