7 Tech Upgrades To Improve Your RV Life

There is no doubt that RVing is one of the most doable adventures one can embark on. It is definitely not for everyone but those who RV can definitely point out multiple perks about RVing.

Whether you are RVing part-time or full-time there are some things your RV must definitely have. It doesn’t matter if you have a Class A, B, or C, Motorhome. It doesn’t even matter if you haul your motor home by your truck; it is still your home and must be treated as such. One of the best parts of homes is being able to customize them to fit our wants and tastes. Your home hints at your personality. The same can definitely be said for your RV home. There are some things you definitely need to make it more homey and convenient.

Super-charge Your RV With These 7 Tech Upgrades

Of course, you would still be able to live in your RV without these things but your RV life would be a lot more enjoyable with them. In this post, we will be considering seven things you need to improve your RV life.

Waterless Toilets

Waterless toilets are toilets designed to save water. They do this by separating liquid waste from solid. The liquid waste is evaporated by a fan which is installed whereas, the solid waste is decomposed. Any remaining liquid is deposited into a small gallon. The smell is eliminated through a fan leaving your toilet smelling okay.

The remainder of the urine can be poured out anywhere, and the compost can be supplied to organic stores or used to plant.

Waterless toilets are perfect for RVs because they help save water. If you are RVing, you will definitely need to watch your water usage. You cannot use water as care-freely as you would if you were living in a traditional house. Of course, in traditional houses, you still have water bills. However, it id delivered to your house and you do not have to go and get it which is quite different if you are living in an RV.

There are multiple reasons you should go with a waterless toilet. Firstly, they save water. They are also odorless meaning your RV will never smell. In addition, they are portable. You can plug them in and out rather easily. Lastly, they combat pollution and also produce compost.

If you are thinking of adding a waterless toilet to your RV home, here are some of the best waterless toilets right now. As a bonus, you can install it yourself.


Portable Projector

When people are advised to get projectors for their RVs, they are usually a bit apprehensive. This is because they do not know how projectors can be useful. If you are living in an RV, learning how to save space is compulsory.

A projector is perfect as it can replace a TV. The projector itself is quite small and takes up little to no space. Of course, you would need to display the images on a screen. The screen can be as large as you want it but the good part is that when you are not using it, it can be rolled up and placed inconspicuously anywhere in your RV. It is one of the best choices you can make concerning space conservation.

That’s not the only reason. A projector is much cheaper than a TV. If you want to save money, it is a really great idea. You can get great projectors under 100 dollars. If you want something better, here are some great ones under 500 dollars.


Inflatable Hot Tub

An inflatable hot tub is one of my compulsory RV items. When I lived in an RV, I desperately missed being able to soak up in a hot tub. It was one of the only things I missed in my traditional home. However, inflatable tubs solved all that. With an inflatable hot tub, I had what I needed.

Using one is extremely easy. When you want a soak, you simply plug in your tub to an outlet. Automatically, it will inflate. Then you fill it with water. The tub will heat the water for you and the jets will release bubbles that will massage you. When you are done, you simply empty the tub and pack it up.

If you get a really great inflatable hot tub, you will enjoy tons of great features. You may not have space for the tub. However, at a campground, you can enjoy set it out and enjoy it.



RVs can be humid. You may not know your RV is humid. You’ll just be suffering from the results. Do your clothes take much more time than you’d like to dry? It can give a choking aura. This problem can be easily solved by a dehumidifier. Invest in one. You won’t regret it.


External Waste Tank

RVs come with waste tanks but usually, they are not big enough. Whether you make use of a traditional toilet or a waterless toilet, you will still benefit from an external waste tank. You can empty your waste into it before you get to the dump. It will give you enough time.


Cellular Booster

At some campgrounds, you will find that you can hardly get any network. If you get a cellular booster, it will help boost the strength of your network. With it, you’ll get suitable network strength in places that there was previously none or very little.


Waterless Cookware

If you are fond of cooking, you’ll enjoy this tip very much. Even if you are not fond of it, you definitely still need to eat and you should eat healthily. Waterless cookware ensure that you do just that.

Waterless cookware help you carry out waterless cooking. Waterless cooking is actually ‘oil-less’ cooking. These pots drastically reduce the amount of oil that you need to cook. Reducing the oil you cook with is a very good way to ensure that your meals are healthy. Check out some of the best and most affordable waterless cookware.


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