7 Surprisingly Cool Camping Hacks You Should Know

Each time there’s an opportunity to go camping, I get excited. Camping is one of my favorite things to do by all means. I don’t know if it appeals to my inner early-man, but there is undoubtedly something peaceful about living a more rustic life in the woods. It is one of the easiest ways to feel at one with nature.

Depending on your choice, you could camp in various ways. You could drive out with tents and choose to set them up and sleep in them or you could take an RV out. Whichever way you chose, it doesn’t change the fact that camping is one of the most delightful ways to spend any free time.

If you camp, you are probably always on the lookout for hacks and tricks to improve your camping life. As an expert and experienced camper, I have decided to compile 7 hacks I make use of when camping. These hacks make camping much easier and fun. If you are going camping anytime soon, you definitely need this. Here are seven camping hacks you should know about.

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Make Use of Waterless toilets

The only thing I absolutely hated about camping was having to take a dump in the woods. I hated every step and moment of the process. It is gross, unhygienic, and dangerous [A snake bit at that period could end me]. However, there was little I could do about it. I couldn’t bring my comfy toilet all the way from my house to the woods… or could I? If you are faced with this dilemma, I have something that will rock your world; waterless toilets.

Waterless toilets are toilets designed to save water. They do this by separating liquid waste from solid. The liquid waste is evaporated by a fan which is installed whereas, the solid waste is decomposed. Any remaining liquid is deposited into a small gallon. The smell is eliminated through a fan leaving your toilet smelling okay. The remainder of the urine can be poured out anywhere, and the compost can be supplied to organic stores or used to plant.

Waterless toilets are great for camping. There are a lot of lightweight versions that make it easier to carry around. A lot of them do not need electricity and so, they are great choices. When morning comes, you can dump the compost easily and without stress. If you aren’t making use of waterless toilets, you should be. They can give you that modicum of comfort which you cannot do without.

Getting a waterless toilet definitely made my camping a lot easier. However, be sure to pick up a good model so that you can fully enjoy it. You do not want to limit yourself simply because you didn’t choose right. Check out some of the best waterless toilets available on the market.

Crack your eggs beforehand

Before you totally knock off this idea, think about it. If you have ever taken eggs camping, you’ll know that they require delicacy or they could turn out to be a mess you’d wish you never involved yourself with. I used to put in my clothes without folding them in a knapsack and cradle the eggs in them simply because I was determined to have bacon and eggs. However, it turned out that there was a better way.

All you simply need is a bottle. It could be a plastic or rubber one. Crack your eggs and pour them in. You could freeze them for longevity but even if you don’t and you leave them closed, they’ll be alright for a while.

A little Christmas in fall

With this hack, you could have light even without a torchlight. Torch lights and headlamps are cool but sometimes we wish we could have stationary lights. Well, you could. Get out the led-powered or battery-powered lights you used last Christmas and tie them to a post, tree, or anything they can be tied to. It will give you enough light easily.

Hand sanitizer trick

Hand sanitizers are one of the things people count as extremely compulsory when going camping. Personally, I take a large-sized one. However, you’re probably sleeping on your hand sanitizer if you use it for cleaning your hands alone. Before you light up your wood, try pouring a little hand sanitizer on it. The hand sanitizer will make the wood catch fire much faster.

Hot water bottle

A hot water bottle is a flexible bottle that you can pour hot water in. The hot water bottle keeps the water inside hot and the texture of the bottle allows the bottle to warm everything it comes in contact with. A nice hack you can make use of is putting your hot water bottle inside your bed minutes before it is time to sleep. The hot water bottle will warm up your bed. You may use also use normal water bottles. However, know that one that is made of plastic will melt if you put in hot water in it. Also, know that a normal plastic bottle cannot transfer and retain heat like a hot water bottle.

Ditch the pillow

When camping, you do not need a pillow. Instead, rather than a pillow, try rolling up your clothes as comfortably as you want to form a pillow. I discovered this trick on camping years ago and liked it much more. Sometimes, my pillow at home is too low and if I add another, it becomes too high. When I roll up clothes, I can dictate the height I want.

Prepare some food beforehand

If there is any food you like and plan to eat, you should come prepared. Think about any food on your menu that takes some time to cook especially when on camping. You can do something to shorten the time used. Rather than wait till you come camping to begin the process, try starting the meal at home. You can keep it in a warmer to keep it warm. You do not have to prepare everything, just start some of the meals off and you’ll be good to go.

That’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed the ride 🙂


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