10 Fun Games to Play Over the Phone (Text BF/GF, Crush, Friends)

There’s nothing that could put you off a person as fast and as quickly as a boring conversation.

Picture this: you’re walking down the road on a bright and sunny day (not too bright cause you’ll sweat) the sky is blue, the sun is beautiful, the grass is green and the birds are singing the most beautiful tunes. Then you run into the man/woman of your dreams. You fall over yourself to get their number of course. When you talk, your chemistry is amazing but you have to go and you leave with a promise of hitting them up OTP (on the phone) later.

But when it’s time to actually hit your crush up, you run out of the ways to make an interesting conversation and the chemistry you had turns to mathematics. You’re left with tough equations and problems you can’t solve. The love of your life deletes your number and you’re doomed to a life of loneliness (* inserts a dramatic noooooooo *).

But what if your story didn’t have to end that way? What if at the dying minute the Superman of the conversation department swept in and saved the day? What if you could find an article listing some interesting games you could play through the phone to keep a conversation flowing. What if? I wonder where you can find such an article.

Well, it is your lucky day. This post comprises of 10 games you could play over the phone. Talk to your partner in relationship, friend, crush or significant other, without getting bored out.

Let’s get started!

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The List

  1. Never Have I
  2. Would You Rather
  3. Who Said?
  4. Truth or Dare
  5. 21 Questions
  6. Fill In The Blanks
  7. What would you do if
  8. Favorite
  9. For A Minute
  10. Tell A Story


Never Have I

This game is actually quite common. It could be played in two different ways.

First Way- Players could start a sentence with ‘never have I’

For example: Never have I gotten drunk.

This first method is a great way to learn about each other.

Second Way– It starts out the same but there’s a twist. The first player makes a statement of something they’ve never done. However, if the second player has done the said thing, the first player loses a point. You get to learn about each other with a competitive twist.

If you want something even more fun, stake something at the beginning. For example, start out with 10 points each, the loser has to send a flirty picture {if you know what I mean;) }.


Would You Rather

We all played this game, didn’t we? Try for a text adaptation.

It’s quite simple. Players take turn in asking each other to chose between two options.

For example: would you rather get married to a total stranger or never get married at all?

Be creative, be flirty!


Who Said

This game is actually very fun cause it could come in different forms. Simply put, each player makes a quote and the other player guesses who said it.

It could be a quite from a book, movie, song, or even real life!

Example: Who said “I’ll be back” ?( terminator)

Who said “Please Sir, I want some more”?  (Oliver Twist)

Who said “Boys only want love if it’s torture?” (Taylor Swift)

Be creative with your questions. Add lots of humor too!


Truth or Dare

This is perhaps the most common one on this list. The first player asks the second player to choose between a truth or a dare.

If truth is chosen a question is asked.

If dare is chosen, a task is given.


X: Truth or dare

Y: Truth

X: What was the last lie you told?


Y: Truth or dare?

X: Dare

Y: Post my picture on your status and caption it “Last night was fun” accompanied by a bed emoji.

Be creative, fun, and maybe naughty. Haha xD


21 Questions

This is a very basic game. Players take turn in asking twenty-one questions about each other. It helps two people know much about each other.

Examples: what do fear the most?

Don’t ask boring questions please! At least ask thoughtful and sometimes funny questions that could make your partner flex their straight teeth 😉


Fill In The Blanks

This is one particular game that can take so many forms. But basically you create a sentence and ask your partner to fill it in.


I like you because you’re_______

If we were alone together, I’d _______

Something I’ve always wanted to tell you is _______

Remember the watchword, be creative!


What Would You Do If

In this particular game, players create scenarios and ask their partners how they’d react.

Take a look at these examples:

What would you do if you woke up and found you were the only one on earth?

What would you do if I kissed you?



This game is quite simple. Players take turn asking about each other’s favorite things.

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite artist?


It is a basic game but helps a lot in getting to know your partner.


For A Minute

In this game, players choose a topic and must talk about only that topic for a Minute. Whoever digresses loses.

This game has a tendency to be very boring and also extremely interesting. Pick your topics well.


Tell A Story

In this game, players jointly create a story by taking turns to add sentences.

X-There was a man named Jones

Y-He went on a quest to discover where money grew.

X- but Jones didn’t know he had a super power.

Y- he could control toilet seats


To make it even more fun, try to get your sentences you rhyme.

Hopefully, this post helps. If you manage to snag the person of your dreams with our help, we demand a VIP invitation to your wedding. Hope you enjoyed our suggested 10 fun games to play over the phone, feel free to drop a comment 🙂


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