How Long Do Fresh Eggs Last? Best Answer!

We all have our unique reasons for wanting to store fresh eggs. Whether it is to make more omelets, egg salad or even scrambled eggs; you just need your eggs to stay safe until they are ready to be put to use. But then you wonder, how long do fresh eggs really last? Is there a preservative? At what point do you start noticing an egg is going to rot? Let’s dig in.

In Summary:

How long do fresh eggs last?

Answer: 4-24 weeks, depending on storage medium. More details below.


Why Store Fresh Eggs?

I can imagine you have a small coop of 5-6 hens and you just got a blessing of 30 eggs from these amazing little creatures. So do you eat all 30 eggs in two days or give out a large fraction to people who probably might not need it? Think about it! Preservation is indeed key when it comes to food, especially farm fresh items. They’re natural and must be kept for the ‘rainy day’.


How Do You Store Fresh Eggs?

Before you decide whether to store your eggs or not, there is a prerequisite which I ensure that people around me adhere to. You seriously need to decide whether to wash the eggs then store or simply do nothing and store right away.

Here’s Why Anyone Would Love To Wash Their Eggs.

By convention, eggs stand to face the risk of being attached to Salmonella – a common disease that grow in the intestinal tracts of animals and has caused about 1.2 million illnesses in the United States year-in, year-out — stats from CDC.

Salmonella is passed out of a hen through its feces which then suggest that an egg could have it strapped upon while it is pushed out of the hen. Or in most other cases, since the environment most hens are kept aren’t usually thoroughly cleaned of feces, eggs come out and end up getting mixed with feces on the coop floor.

How this affects we humans is that we are liable to get infected by Salmonella after eating food that are contaminated with Salmonella (either directly or indirectly). Therefore, by all means, it makes sense to wash your eggs before anything. Except that our friends at Country Side Daily have a different view on washing eggs; and it does make sense too.

While this controversy stays, it is clear that both options really do have a risk attached. But interestingly, they both have an effect on how long the eggs will last before rotting.

Now that we are clear on the prerequisite, let’s move on to the purpose of today’s post:

How Long Will My Fresh Eggs Last?

Depending on which medium you wish to use, it varies. It can take up to 4 weeks for an egg to remain safe for consumption or even 24 weeks (6 months) or only 2 days. It depends!

Now, if you did decide not to wash your eggs, it is recommended that you keep in a refrigerator and that means your fresh eggs will last up to 24 weeks (6 months).

However, if you have the eggs unwashed, and left on the counter, they can stay up to 4 weeks before becoming terrible for consumption. All you have to do is store the eggs on a counter for these 4 weeks.

Going forward, it is recommended to keep the eggs refrigerated whether washed or not. Six weeks is guaranteed with that medium.

Note though, that if you wash fresh eggs and left outside the refrigerator, you only have a maximum of 2 days to consume it otherwise, bacteria will step in and take over. Therefore, this suggests that when you wash fresh eggs, you must be prepared to eat immediately or take to a working refrigerator.

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